[AlaskaRC] R/C plane found in northeast Anchorage

Tom Simes president at alaskarc.org
Thu Apr 30 11:33:58 AKDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I just received the following:

My name is Steve.  I found a wrecked RC plane in my backyard.  It
probably crashed Wednesday April 29th.  This is  northeast Anchorage. 
Plane is totaled, but someone may want the components, and would like to
see where it ended up.  No id markings or phone number.  It is a British
Navy warbird with retractible gear.

If you've lost a model with British Navy markings and retracts, let me
know and I'll put you in contact.

This is exactly why we should have our AMA number and contact
information on or in our models.



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