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Thanks Armand,
Was a blast having you guys down here... I was not gonna say it, but about an hour after you guys packed up and left the sun came out and we have a great day flying (serious)... I did let the kid fly my extra and forgot to set the timer on my transmitter... yep, ran her out of gas and had to set it down in the pickers.  One new wing and she will be good to go.  Probably gonna scrap the extra for now and go to a Yak anyway.  The extra just wont 3D like the Yak!
Steve, Casey, Mike.. well you girls are up for the skirt of the year award...you deserve to wear one after a bail out due to a few hours of rain LOL.  At least the Dean and Armand braved the rain for another 12 hrs and enjoyed some "refreshments" around the fire.
I will try to make it up and spend a weekend up there as soon as I get a big plane back in the air.

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Hey all.
Just wanted to make sure that everyone knew how great the Kenai Fun Fly was.  I would like to thank Leni and Mark (and everybody else) for going all out!
Unfortunately we did experience some wet weather but even during the rain, the Peninsula modelers came out in large numbers and we all had a great time.
I would have piped up earlier but I have been scrambling like crazy trying to build another plane to replace the one that ‘went down’ in Fairbanks.  Well I got that one finished, maidened it today, and now I am window shopping for the next project (got a plane you want to sell?)!
Yep, the maiden went off without a hitch, BUT it took three large men to get the wings off when I was ready to pack it in!  Ouch!  Talk about a tight wing tube.  “How large were they?”  hmmmm.
Thanks Mike (Allman) and Mike (Mosesian) for the extra muscle in removing the wings – though (based on the grin on his face) I think Gerhardt was kind of looking forward to me having to hangar my plane out there permanently since I couldn’t transport it with the wings on!  (HEY, you went there, didn’t you?  I wasn’t saying that Mike and Mike are ‘large’…..)
For those of you who haven’t met him, Gerhardt is great!  I think we should try to keep him involved in our club.  Do you realize that he is 81 years old?!?!  We should make him an honorary member for as long as we have this relationship (his land/field) if not for life.  We need to invite him to our meetings and our Christmas potluck too.  When the summer is over, there is no reason that we can’t continue our relationship.   It is nice that he has all of us as new friends to talk to, joke with, and just hang out.  This is the kind of thing you read about every month in the AMA magazine!  Someone with beautiful land AND LOVES MODEL AIRPLANES!!!  I have to pinch myself and make sure that I am not dreaming!  Every time I drive into that field, I feel like I am in the Real Flight simulator…  THIS CAN’T BE REAL!
Anyway, Thanks again to the Peninsula Modelers!  You guys have a great field down there and I can’t wait to come back next summer!  One suggestion, can you keep the rest of the entire Anchorage population off the highways during that weekend – or at least out of the Soldotna Fred Meyer’s parking lot and on every bridge?  And, what’s the deal with driving slow with a line of cars behind you UNTIL you hit the truck passing lanes and flooring it (grandma)?  Well I oughta…
One more thing, thanks to Mike Allman for mowing the pits and runway at Groeschel!  Looking good again.
Take it easy.  Have a great weekend.  Click it or ticket.  Keep it light.  Resist the urge to flame anybody in this forum…
(Don’t forget; club meeting this Tuesday …)
~ Armand 
armand at nmitsolutions.com
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