[AlaskaRC] Parkzone bind 'n fly Sukhoi @ Hobbycraft

Tom Simes president at alaskarc.org
Tue Aug 4 23:26:06 AKDT 2009

At the meeting tonight, I wasn't 100% sure which Sukhoi Tim was talking
about, but I just double checked my e-mail and he was indeed talking
about the ParkZone micro Sukhoi Su-26m bind and fly:


This really looks like a teriffic little plane!  A 15.75" wingspan and a
flying weight of 1.1 oz. (no typo, that's 1.1) should really make this a
fun little airplane.  Tim said he sold out his first bunch, but he
has more on order from Horizon and they should be in early next
week.  By the way, Horizon shows out of stock 'till mid-August so once
again Tim is ahead of the curve for us.  To get your name on one, either
e-mail hobbycraft at gci.net or give them a call at 349-5815.

For those with Futaba radios, the review as well as the binding
instructions for this model indicate that you can fly these BNF models
with a Spectrum DSM2 module.




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