[AlaskaRC] 1/3 scale Extra for sale

Armand Marshall armand at nmitsolutions.com
Wed Aug 5 19:10:23 AKDT 2009

Hey Andrew.  Want to trade for 4/5's of a composite arf extra?  Good wings,
elevators, canopy, main landing gear, wing-bags, and slightly damaged
cowling.  [You can even get the rcCarFax report.  "Never been crashed.  Only


Andrew, it would almost be a 'cash for clunkers' deal!!!


No really, if anybody is toying with the idea of getting into a 100cc
composite.  I have a deal for you!  A replacement fuselage runs about $300
plus shipping.  Or, if you already have a comp-arf and want some spare
parts, let me know.  


PLEASE HELP ME, if I hang on to it, I won't be able to stop myself from
ordering a fuselage and putting it back together.  I even tried calling
Japan, Korea, Vietnam but all I got was: "Peter Blackmon has been calling
all day with another sob story, and Sir Reeves is an honorary 'holy-man' and
quit calling!!! " (you had to be at the meeting last night to follow that


But in all seriousness, the plane Andrew is selling would be an awesome IMAC
plane for someone (or just a great all around plane/gasser).  And the price
is awesome.


~ Armand 

armand at nmitsolutions.com


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Just reminding everyone that my 1/3 scale extra is still for sale.  Get a
good deal on a great IMAC plane. 

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Selling my 1/3 scale Extra 
Call or email-  744-2952

Hanger 9 Extra 330L 33%   $1500 OBO

3W 80cc twin with the TOC porting.  Runs awesome!
2 Mejzlik 26X10 Carbon fiber 2 bladed props and a light aluminum spinner
1 Mejzlik 3 blade carbon fiber prop and an aluminim spinner pre cut to fit
the 3 blade. (spare props are already balanced and drilled to fit the

Throttle- Futaba S3002
Rudder- JR  DS8411
Elevator- X2 Futaba S9303
Ailerons- X2 JR DS8411
Rocket city hardware for linkages 

New ignition last year from Aircraft International (JWE spark)

Receiver battery- 6V 2,000 mah Nimh
Ignition battery- 4.8V Nimh
internal switches for reciever and ignition
Futaba PCM 8 channel reciever with out the crystal

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