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I have a truck - I live on base, and I have a housing unit that will accept
trash with no extra fees.  It may take me a few days - but I can go out
there and clean that junk up.  I don't have a key to the lock on the door -
but if I remember right sometimes it's not locked.  Consider it done


Mike Henrie





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To all the ARCS members.

Field Updates (Groeschel & Elmendorf AFB)




Thanks to a small but extremely dedicated group of individuals (including
Wayne Brost), the new permanent runway at Groeschel is just about ready to
be seeded.  Actual seeding is scheduled for sometime this weekend.  The hope
is to let the grass get a good foothold before winter which will give it a
good head start next spring.  In the meantime the 'temporary' runway is
completely usable (approx. 75'x700').


The new runway has been landscaped to the point that it is just about
perfectly flat now.  Believe it or not, the runway is a little over 1,000
feet long (2/10's of a mile)!  And it is about 80 feet wide.  That is nearly
TWO ACRES of runway!  For comparison, you could place Moffitt's runway or
Elmendorf's paved runway in the middle of the Groeschel runway and still
have an additional 200 feet of flat runway on both ends.




I went out to the Elmendorf field this morning to take a look around.  It is
definitely a great place to fly but I did notice a few things that need
tending to:


1-- The big workbenches have not been fixed or replaced yet.  Mark Ritz said
that he is on it but he's been very busy.

2-- It is in need of mowing and weed-eating.

3-There is quite a bit of 'junk' that needs to be hauled to the dump (small
refrigerator, broken down desk, and misc items inside the building behind
the door, etc.).  The refrigerator and desk are just laying on the ground
outside the shed.  Probably one good load in a full size pickup truck would
do it (I don't have a pickup or I'd just grab it myself).


Any expenses (like dump fees, purchase of wood, gas, garbage bags, etc) can
just be presented to me or any of the club officers and you will be promptly
reimbursed (keep your receipts).  If you need the funds up front, let me
know and I will get you some money to work with.

We definitely need to keep it presentable out there.


Alaska Radio Control Society

Armand Marshall - Treasurer

Treasurer at AlaskaRC.org


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