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Steve aerobatiks at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 11:14:38 AKDT 2009

I received this notice and thought it was definitely worth passing along...  Steve

Extreme Flight R/C announces Competition Rewards Program 

Extreme Flight RC owner Chris Hinson announced Monday April 20, 2009 the beginning of the new Competition Rewards program. As an incentive to get more pilots involved in IMAC and Freestyle competition flying, the Competition Rewards program will benefit pilots who make the effort to compete with their Extreme Flight RC aircraft. 

For placing in one of the top three positions in his or her chosen class, the pilot will be rewarded with a $100 credit for first place, $75 credit for second place and $50 credit for third place toward the purchase of their next Extreme Flight airframe. 
Proof of placement must be provided by the pilot along with a photo of the pilot with his Extreme Flight airframe and trophy. 
Pilots placing in the top position in 3 or more contests in a single season may be eligible to join Team Extreme and receive a sponsorship from Extreme Flight RC. 

Regarding this new program, Chris Hinson said "Competition flying demands a lot of time and effort from the pilot including proper set-up and dialing in of the aircraft, countless hours of practice, travel to and from the events, time away from family and a lot of dedication. I wanted to do something to reward pilots who are willing to put forth the effort required to be successful in competition flying. It is my hope that this new program will offer some incentive to get more pilots involved in the competition scene. So download those sequences, buy a 5 gallon fuel jug and proceed to burn some fuel! Best of luck to you all and we'll look to see you on the podium!"

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