[AlaskaRC] Fairbanks Water 'N Wheels July 4th & 5th

Mike Davis mike.davis at dcsol.com
Thu May 21 08:32:13 AKDT 2009

I wanted to take a moment to extend an invitation to all ARCS members to 
attend this years Water 'N Wheels in Fairbanks.

This is our 19th Annual Water 'N Wheels event, and we will once again be 
hosting this years IMAC and Pattern State Championships.

IMAC will be on Saturday July 4th, and Pattern on Sunday July 5th.

We will be offering all classes for both IMAC and Pattern, as well as 
unknowns and freestyle in IMAC... so bring your music along!  We moved IMAC 
to Saturday to allow more time to enjoy the unknowns and freestyle.  Here is 
the URL if you want to register for IMAC ahead of time...


Something else we're going to be doing this year, is holding an auction on 
Saturday night after the days events and dinner.  If you've got airplanes or 
airplane stuff you're interested in selling, bring them along.

This is our Premier event of the season, and we put a lot of work into 
making it an enjoyable weekend for everybody.  I think those ARCS members 
who have attended the last couple of years will tell you we do our best to 
have a great time!  For those really die hard enthusiasts, we will be 
camping out at the field starting on June 27th, all the way through July 
6th, and you're welcome to join us for the full 10 days if you'd like.

And don't forget to bring your R/C boats this year... we still haven't had 
any ARCS members challenge the locals to any good boat racing. ;-)

If you haven't been to our field before, there is a map and information on 
the club web site at...


And feel free to join our discussions on the club forums at...


Or contact me directly if you have any questions.  Until July 4th, enjoy 
your flying.

Mike Davis
mike.davis at dcsol.com

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