[AlaskaRC] ARCS Life Members

Armand Marshall armand at nmitsolutions.com
Tue Nov 10 05:08:06 AKST 2009

To all the Life Membership holders.


If you are on this list, please reply to treasurer at alaskarc.org and I will
send out a new membership card in the mail (no membership application


I will verify your current AMA status online, so please make sure your AMA
is current also.

(There are a few names on here that I know are no longer flying or are out
of state and do not require a card.)


1.       Ray         Agen

2.       Ron        Bergt

3.       Larry      Berry

4.       Ken        Bystedt

5.       Jerry      Chisum

6.       Floyd     Damron

7.       Bob        Edison

8.       Doug     Hebel

9.       Mark     Holmstrand

10.   Barry     Jackson

11.   Norm    Lee

12.   Steve    Lingle

13.   Reeves Lippincott

14.   Dick        Markey

15.   Patrick  Martin

16.   John      Melvin

17.   Joe         Mitchell

18.   George Morgan

19.   Mike      Mosesian

20.   William Parsley

21.   Jim         Robar

22.   Lee         Schlosstein

23.   John      Smith

24.   Eric         Vogler

25.   Rob        Weingart


Thanks for your help.


Alaska Radio Control Society

Armand Marshall - Treasurer

 <mailto:treasurer at alaskarc.org> treasurer at alaskarc.org


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