[AlaskaRC] There will be indoor flying on Sunday 11-22-09

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Flying Monk?
What happened to "THE PIZZA PRIEST"?

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Dear Mike:

I always call Terry on Friday AM (per his instructions) to be sure we are on for the following Sunday. I called Terry today and he said we are good to go.
I do recall those two guys talking about the gun show last Sunday.

Flying Monk??????

Your obedient servant......the Flying Monk

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Dear flying Monk, are you sure there is flying as I herard an add about a gun show or is that on Thursday. Mosesian

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There will be Indoor flying at the Lumin Christi High School Gym on Sunday November 22, 2009 from noon till 4pm.
The Gym is located at 8110 Jewel Lake Road in Anchorage.
All AMA members are welcome. The cost is $10 per pilot. Spectators no charge.

The rules are: 
AMA membership (for insurance purposes)Aircraft under 16 ounces. Electric, rubber, or gravity powered only.No outdoor shoes allowed on gym floor. Sponsored by ARCS. Facilitated by Bob Stephens (440-0478). 
ALL AMA members and spectators are welcome.
 $B!! (B

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