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Hi Nathan, I had the same problem, when I put Pitts mufflers on my B-17. I had problems with all the engines running right. So I did just what you're thinking. I cut off one pipe, leaving maybe a 1/2 inch. I plugged it with a wood dowel.Just be sure to drill a very small hole in the center of dowel, so oil can drain. If you have trouble with afterwords, let me know, and I'll help you tune it personally. Hope I helped.

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Hello all, I am a new member of the club and just got to Alaska a month ago.
I have an OS .55 with at Pitts muffler that is giving me problems. It runs well on the stand but dies as soon as I try to throttle up to take off.  I have tuned it the best I can, its just rich enough so that it does not lose power when pointing strait up, but I think with the pitts its not getting enough back pressure and is running rich to keep it going when pointed up. I think if I pinch off one of the two exhaust outlets it might help??? Anyone willing to come out to Elmendorf field on Sunday to help me with it? Or does anyone have any ideas about what I could do to fix this?

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