[AlaskaRC] Reminder: Midnight Sun Pattern @ Sat Jun 19 10am - 5pm (ARCS - Alaska Radio Control Society)

Tom Simes simestd at netexpress.com
Fri Jun 18 20:30:02 AKDT 2010

On Wed, 16 Jun 2010 18:00:57 +0000, Google Calendar wrote:
> This is a reminder for:
> Title: Midnight Sun Pattern
> CD: Tom Simes, 333-1819
> ARCS POY event?: YES
> Alternate rain date: 6/20/2010
> When: Sat Jun 19 10am – 5pm Alaska Time
> Where: 61.405,-150.066667 (Groeschel Field)

Just another reminder for the pattern contest tomorrow.  Pilot's 
meeting will be at 10 AM sharp.  Please be on time and ready to fly 
shortly after the meeting.  The forecast is for scattered showers, so 
we may have some occasional rain delays.  I hope to see you out there - 
and keep your fingers crossed for the weather :)

The contest will be a our Groeschel Field.  The GPS coordinates are
61.405,-150.066667 decimal, or +61° 24' 18.00", -150° 4' 0.00" 


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