[AlaskaRC] Black Jack IMAC Posted

Armand Marshall Armand at nmitsolutions.com
Wed Jun 23 05:50:41 AKDT 2010

The Black Jack IMAC has been posted with IMAC.  Doing this lets you see your ranking with the other pilots in the northwest.

Here is a link to the contest report/article:

If you go to www.mini-iac.org<http://www.mini-iac.org> you can check your regional points, see a picture from the Black Jack IMAC, the scores, etc.
You will need to select "Regions" and then select "Northwest".
>From there you can go to "News and Events"; "Gallery"; "Contest Results"; and "Archives".

Go to the Gallery to see the photo.
Go to Contest Results to see the scores.

Don't forget, you still have a chance to attend to more IMAC contests in Alaska!  Water and Wheels in Fairbanks and then the state Championship IMAC at Groeschel field in August.

~ Armand
Armand at nmitsolutions.com

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