[AlaskaRC] NO FLYING @ Elmendorf R/C field from 11:45 AM to 3:45 PM tomorrow

Tom Simes secretary at alaskarc.org
Mon Aug 15 08:09:47 AKDT 2011

Heads up, NO FLYING @ Elmendorf R/C field from 11:45 AM AKDT to 3:45 PM 
AKDT tomorrow (Tuesday, 8/16/2011).

Per the FAA, there is a TFR (temporary flight restriction) tomorrow 
(8/16/2011) for a 3 nautical mile radius around Elmendorf from the 
surface to 3000 ft. between 11:45 AM AKDT and 3:45 PM AKDT.

Full details here:


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VIP Movement Notification - Anchorage,AK
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