[AlaskaRC] Cash Back! IMAC (Sunday Aug. 21, 2011)

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Sorry I won't be there but I will provide tomatoes if someone will pick them up as I 'am leaving town 
Friday.  Maybe someone can take George Morgan out to the field and he will bring the tomatoes.  Mike

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Cash Back! IMAC
The last IMAC contest of the 2011 season!
I will be at the field Saturday and camp overnight along with at least a few other folks.

I'll provide food to throw on the grill Sunday.  Bring your favorite beverages though!

Raffle Drawings for Cash & RC Merchandise!!!
The final tally on the cash I'll be giving away is $400!

I will be giving away cash (and rc merchandise)!!! You don't have to be a contestant to win! Anybody who 'participates' (judges, scribes, cook, etc.) are eligible to win.  You have to be there to win though.

Where?: Groeschel Field 14999 S. Guernsey Road
Contest Date: Sunday, Aug 21st, 2011
Pilot's Meeting: 10AM
Contest Director: Armand Marshall
Contact Email: armand at nmitsolutions.com

We will be flying ALL classes (Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, & Unlimited).
There will be NO unknowns!

Entry Fee = $15
Entry fees are waived for 1st time pilots in Basic class.
IMAC members get the mandatory $10 discount.

After the IMAC contest is over, there will be a NON-JUDGED freestyle event. Everybody and anybody is welcome to fly in the freestyle. I will provide the sound system but you will need to provide your music. Your music can be on cd, in an mp3 player, ipod, etc... Freestyle flights are timed. Each pilot will have 4 minutes to do their thing.

Thanks and hope to see you there!


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