[AlaskaRC] Cash Back! IMAC - CD's Report

Armand Marshall Armand at nmitsolutions.com
Mon Aug 22 07:47:55 AKDT 2011

Cash Back! IMAC - CD's Report

Thanks to all that participated in one form or another.  It was a great success!
Just to name a few...
Mark Bendersky, Rod Wilkinson & Miss Pat, Mark Ritz, Ed Cunningham, Bob Stephens, Reeves & Gizmo Lippincott, Tom Risdal, Mike & Beth Davis, Steve McLaughlin, Fred Keller, Tok Gunton, and Mother Nature!

Special thanks goes out to Mr. Groeschel for sharing the field, the food, and the day with us too!

I gave away $400 separated into 15 envelopes with various amounts...
>From that, $255 was immediately donated back to the club!

Total money going to the club from this event is $319!

I will make announcements at the next meeting.

Thanks again guys, it has been a great season.

(Special thanks to the people from Fairbanks that drove down, camped out, helped out, participated, etc.!!!)

[If I left your name out of the above list, it is not intentional - simply the Monday morning blues.]

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