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Mike whipper at ptialaska.net
Wed Aug 31 18:00:30 AKDT 2011


I looked threw my box of "crap" and found a 9 channel Synthesized PCM receiver. Its a R319 dps. This means it will work on any channel you set it too, but the radio needs to be PCM capable. If the radio is capable you are more then welcome to it. 

Mike A

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  All:  I used to be active in the club a few years ago and need a little help.  I have a 12 year old neighbor who is extremely interested in the hobby, so I gave him and old airplane I had, complete except for a transmitter and receiver.  He is aching to fly it, but he needs  a transmitter and receiver, any four channel will do.  If the batteries are bad, I can take care of that.  The airplane has Hitec servos in it with Futaba plugs, so if anyone has what I need laying around, I could put it to good use.  337-2073.  George Gallagher


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