[AlaskaRC] FW: Members G5 server is up

Marty Hall mjhall at alaskarcs.com
Sat Jan 1 22:19:58 AKST 2011


Marty in Fairbanks. I guess when Bob Alexander joined in tonight he didn't
introduce himself quick enough. He was on my computer and came in as
"Squid". A derogatory name Marine have for Navy but what do those Jarheads
know. When we saw the type fling Bob changed planes to match. If we sign in
again, we'll try to keep out of the way.

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This is one of the Fairbanks guys hosting a session tonight...
If you decide to pop in, be sure to introduce yourself!

Armand Marshall - Treasurer
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Room : Alaska rc
Password: fishnets

I will keep this server open all night

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