[AlaskaRC] Hold off getting your base passes.

Armand Marshall Armand at nmitsolutions.com
Wed Jan 19 10:38:23 AKST 2011

Those of you that have already picked up your (Elmendorf) base access pass keep your eyes open for an update from me.  Those of you that haven't already picked up your passes - hold off until you hear from me.

The base just called me and said that they are changing things again.  The current JBER access cards will be obsolete.  If you've already picked yours up, I think you will have to go back out and get the new version (but wait until I tell you they are ready for us).

They have not sent me all the information yet - as soon as they do, I will send out another email with instructions.

So until further notice, do NOT try to get your base access cards.  If you already have one for this year, wait for my instructions before attempting to get it swapped out.


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