[AlaskaRC] THANK YOU ARCS!!!!!!!

TR rocket at acsalaska.net
Tue Jul 5 17:05:11 AKDT 2011

You guys are the best! I'm sitting at home after coming back from this
year's Water 'n' Wheels and have been reflecting on the whole experience.
The weather was on-again and off-again so not all events made it but it was
fun just the same. Donations were pretty good too with Hobbycraft in
Anchorage generously donating a $100 gift certificate. Other donations came
from Castle Creations, Great Planes, Smart-Fly, Tower Hobbies, Balsa USA and
Sig Manufacturing.

I want to thank the ARCS members who participated this year: Armand
Marshall, Dean McMillian, Steve McLaughlin, Ed Cunningham and Mike Allman.
I know it's not a trivial expense to make the trip and your efforts to make
the trek to Water 'n' Wheels is very much appreciated. It was fun flying and
batting the breeze and throwing the banter around with you guys. 

Special thanks goes out to Ed Cunningham for scoring duties for IMAC. I had
hopes of him helping me with the scoring duties but as things developed it
turned out that Ed ended up doing it all!  Ed gladly took up the work and
the great job he did on this "behind the scenes" work was much more than  I
expected. Thanks Ed!

While Ed was busy working on the scoring, the other guys were helping with
judging. Although Mike Allman didn't have a plane to fly, he pitched in on
the judging. Thanks to Dean, Steve,  Mike and Armand for judging. 

And thanks to  Armand who came up a week and a half early and camped out
with us.  One other note: back in May, Armand came up to Fairbanks and
unselfishly ran the MSRC Spring BBQ IMAC contest here. He also paid for the
food. All of this was above and beyond anything we could have possibly
imagined. Another BIG THANK YOU to Armand for this.

Mike Davis (MSRC Prez and WnW CD) and I very much appreciate the ARCS
participation in Water 'n' Wheels, both this year and in past years. Having
ARCS here also inspires our club members to come out and get involved. The
ARCS are to be commended for how their members represent their club and the
way they help make Water 'n' Wheels a success! Thank you all. 

Tom Risdal

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