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Steven Lingle barisax at olypen.com
Tue Jul 26 09:22:41 AKDT 2011

Several of you will remember Fred Johnson.  Past chief judge for Tournament of Champions as well as several other rc events.  Fred is now retired from FEDEX, as a pilot, and is enjoying life in Ocala, FL.  His son Baron is a recent graduate of one of the Universities in Florida with a doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering and working in Huntsville, Al.

Steven Lingle
barisax at olypen.com

> Fred Johnson's OSH arrival, AOPA coverage.
> http://www.aopa.org/aopalive/?watch=E0M2JvMjqXQ685y2dNHb_PtRMDKzLnEO&WT.mc_id=sr7494special&WT.mc_sect=gan#search=t6s

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