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Thu Jul 28 18:30:31 AKDT 2011

The 2nd  Annual  Gary Rude Memorial Fun Fly will be held at Groesehel Field July 30 and 31.  This is the IMAA non-event that was listed on the ARCS event calendar.   Everyone is welcome, but you must  be an AMA member to fly. 

This event will be like the Hal Horton Fly In except it will be all weekend.  Some of us will be camping at the field starting Friday night, bound to be good weather in there somewhere. 

The theme of this event  IMAA style aircraft.  If you don’t have an IMAA legal airplane yet, please bring anything you want to fly or just a lawn chair and watch the action.  IMAA legal aircraft are monoplanes with at least 80 inch wingspan or biplanes of 60 inches or greater. 

There will be a hotdog feed midday Saturday and  a potluck on Saturday night.  As this event is self supporting (no entry fee) please bring one item on the list below.  Bring enough to share. 

* Ice chest with your favorite beverages 
* A bag or two of your  favorite chips
* Desert of some kind 

For the pot luck, bring whatever…..  There will be a camp stove, a generator, and BBQ grill at the field but be prepared to serve and preserve your dish under primitive conditions. 

If you are planning to camp you need to bring everything and be self contained.  There is an outhouse on site. 

The weather is looking good for this weekend.  Hope to see everyone at Groeschel’s . 

Questions:   Bob Stephens  440-0478     Event Dis-Coordinator 

Directions to the Field is on the ARCS web site or maps.google.com/maps?q61.405-150.066667  
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