[AlaskaRC] Richard Fairbanks

Richard Fairbanks rgfairbanks at gci.net
Mon Apr 30 17:07:16 AKDT 2012

Do any of you know how to get hold John the guy that works part time at
Hobby Craft in Dimond mall. Richard and I bought this motor home last month
it is a used one but it needed brakes Richard was working on that when he
had his heart attack I just need someone that knows heavy duty brakes to see
if they can figure out why we can not get brake fluid from the top wheel
cylinder, I have a friend working on it to get the brakes finish just
another wall. 
If you know how to get hold of please have him give me a call at home
248-1427 or on my cell phone 727-4320.

Thanks a bunch guys.


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Hi Pat,

I'm sorry to hear about Richard, but glad he's on the mend and scheduled to
come home soon.  Please give him our best and let us know if there is
anything we can do to speed his recovery!

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Hi Tom

Richard had a heart attack last night and is in the hospital they say he
could come home on Tuesday if all goes well, but he will most definitely not
be at the meeting not sure if this is the meeting he was suppose to run or
not, if it was you need to fine some one else.

Thanks Pat

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