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Mon Apr 30 22:01:01 AKDT 2012

Is this an airplane motor or what? 

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my MIND the most!

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Do any of you know how to get hold John the guy that works part time at
Hobby Craft in Dimond mall. Richard and I bought this motor home last month
it is a used one but it needed brakes Richard was working on that when he
had his heart attack I just need someone that knows heavy duty brakes to see
if they can figure out why we can not get brake fluid from the top wheel
cylinder, I have a friend working on it to get the brakes finish just
another wall. 
If you know how to get hold of please have him give me a call at home
248-1427 or on my cell phone 727-4320.

Thanks a bunch guys.


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