[AlaskaRC] ARCS JBER (Elmendorf) Base Access List

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Subject: [AlaskaRC] ARCS JBER (Elmendorf) Base Access List
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 09:52:39 -0900

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To all the club members who submit their information to me for base access:

I've just been informed that I need your name exactly the same way it appears on your driver's license.

This is the exact message I received from the base:

Please note in the future I will need individuals names as they
read on their Driver's License not what they like to be called.
So as you renew your membership for 2012, make sure I have your name listed exactly as it is on your driver's license.  If you pay your dues via PayPal, please use the 'additional comments' section to send me your AMA number, and correct name.

(If you want to submit any updated info to me, be sure to use the email address below - NOT the club mailing list.)


Alaska Radio Control Society
Armand Marshall - Treasurer
Treasurer at AlaskaRC.org<mailto:treasurer at alaskarc.org>

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