[AlaskaRC] Tuesday evening meeting

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Tue Jun 5 08:05:50 AKDT 2012

if anyone has 20/20 or 30% ys  fuel, I will buy it.  Mike Mosesian


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Hope you can make it to tomorrow's club meeting at 
7:30 at Bell's. 
Bring any/all pretty planes since the competition 
is thin in summer months. 
Also bring any loose change or dollar bills or your 
check book.  No bid is too small.  Proceeds to ARCS. 
Auction items will include: 
40 size Goldberg club with 5 servos, needs a little 
fix up.  A new in-the-box float kit is included. 
Saito 65 4-stroke engine, muffler, prop, engine 
mount, excellent condition 
Indestructible Highliner 2 meter glider with two 
sets of wing (made and donated by master craftman Doug 
New flight box and various 
Two vintage transmitters and receivers 
Other auction items are welcome. 
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