[AlaskaRC] electric plane and 8 channel radio for sale

Mark Bendersky mbendersky at gci.net
Mon Jun 18 13:04:22 AKDT 2012

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your help. Heres the info:

For sale I have a completely built and flown (never crashed) Pilatus Porter. It has a 46 electric in it and comes with 3 batteries. Only been flown twice. For the airplane with everything in it including the batteries and Great Planes Triton Charger I am asking $700. You can fly it with 3 batteries the day you buy it.



I also have a Futaba 8 channel radio. It is the current 8 channel offered by Futaba through tower hobbies. $400 for the radio. Was brand new several months ago. Only used once. new is $500. it is the current model. 


Or $1000 for both the airplane, batteries, charger, and futaba radio. 

Thank you,


jjcavins at gmail.com

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