[AlaskaRC] Glider fun fly at Moffit

Greg gmeck1 at netzero.com
Thu May 17 07:03:11 AKDT 2012

Can someone please tell me where moffitt field is? Thanks!

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Folks, I exchanged voice mail with Pat Martin yesterday and he graciously extended his invitation to use Moffit to the glider fun fly scheduled for this coming Sunday 5/20. I am really excited to fly at the old field again, as it has so many good memories wrapped around it! 

I will bring all the usual contest stuff in the event that anyone wants to practice contest tasks, but this is billed as a FUN FLY!! So please come on out to Moffit Sunday and put a sailplane in the air. Thermals should start coming through around10am.

Looking forward to seeing you all again,


On May 10, 2012, at 2:06 PM, jj smith <smithjj at alaska.net> wrote:

> Site change for the SAM65 Spring Fling
>         Due to the condition of the Groeschel field [it is still muddy and wet] the Spring Fling has been moved to Moffit field. 
>          Pat Martin came to the indoor flying Sunday and invited us to use the Moffit field and I accepted. We have flown at Moffit in the past and it is a nice field and convient. I was told that the glider contest the followig day is also going to be at Moffit.
>         Pilots meeting is to be at 9:30 and flying will start at 10:00AM. The flying will be be over at 4:30 PM.
>        The SAM rules will be used: the 2010 electric rules will be used. In SAM / SOS contest 2cell LiPolys will be allowed with a limit of 350Ma. You may use one cell if you wish.
>         I hope that we do not have to make any more changes. Questions may be directed to me by phone are Email before the contest.
>  John J. Smith [Doc]
>  I undrstand that one member of the club had to be pulled out of the mud this week at Groeschel. 
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