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Thanks Armand, I call DA engines about my DA 50 not drawing fuel and they said I must take  the carb apart and wet the  rubber gaskets so it will operate.  Do you think if I pulled the  spark plug and put fuel in the  cylinder and fired the engine that might work, or with no fuel in the crankcase for lubrication will that be OK?  Engine is not going to run but for a second anyway?


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Hey all/any of you that are flying IMAC (scale aerobatics) or interested in it, I have uploaded the 2012 aresti and call sheets to the forum.
Below is the link.  Feel free to download them and print them out.
The IMAC website is:  www.mini-iac.com
If you go there and click on the training tab you will find videos of the basic, sportsman, intermediate, and advanced sequences.
If you want help with this or any other flying, you can catch me out at Groeschel field most weekends and I will try to be at JBER most Wednesdays (can’t make it this week cause of my wife’s birthday though).
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