[AlaskaRC] Groeschel Field Open &Awesome

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Tue May 22 23:01:54 AKDT 2012

I'll be there in spirit Armand!!!!


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A few of us went out and had an awesome day of flying, grilling, eating,
chatting with the neighbors, and, did I already mention flying?

The path into the field is dry. The field is dry and the grass is still
nicely groomed from last year. Wayne has even put gravel down at the entry!

The weather actually turned out great out there. Sunglasses were required
all day!

The only bad news is somebody drove through the pits about three weeks ago
(according to Wayne). Really tore up a good portion of one side of the pits.
I have to drive back out Sunday to deliver something to Wayne. I'll stop and
pick up a shovel, rake, etc to leave in the generator shack. If you are out
at the field, between your flights, pitch in and help smooth out the damage.
Good news is the runway (all 1200' x 80' of it) is still pristine!

The ARCS 'owned' porta-can is scheduled to be delivered this coming Tuesday.

Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend. There will be some club members coming
out and camping!  

The grill has propane and in good working order. It is currently stashed in
the generator shed which has the standard ARCS combination lock. Feel free
to use it to your hearts content. 

I hope to see you at the field. 

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