[AlaskaRC] Freebie - Highlander 2M Glider

jj smith smithjj at alaska.net
Sun May 27 21:48:33 AKDT 2012

       If the glider is still
vailable I will take it. If I remember correctly it is a good trainer. I will keep
it for people who want to try gliders..
  smithjj at alaska.net
> All,
here's another freebie: a MAD Highlander 2M glider, RTF, with both a 
standard polyhedral wing and a dihedral wing with ailerons. Great learning 
> machine; it's made of EPP and can take a major beating without complaint.

> Great for thermalling off a heavy-duty high start or sloping on a 
> light-to-medium wind day. 
> Doug

> drfranklin at gci.net 
> 440-7080 

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