[AlaskaRC] Lots for sale

Jon Wise wise at alaskalife.net
Sun Nov 11 18:27:45 AKST 2012

Each Plane is ready to fly less transmitter and receiver unless other wise noted.

Hangar 9 Fokker DRVII 60 size, eflite power 60 motor, castle creations 80A esc, no battery $300

Eflite Supercub 25e, power 32 motor, eflite 60a esc, 4S 3200mah battery   $375

Parkzone foam Extra 300, 480 size motor and esc, was purchased as PNP never flown, no battery $140

Eflite jetliner 2 480 size ducted fans and motors, 40a esc's, no batteries $175

Menace funfly, built and covered, servos installed but thats it, $65

Menace funfly, os 36 2 stroke, $150

V tail indoor flyer called Tiny needs recoverd and a prop, $25

Greatplanes Riot biplane, brushless motor and esc, $55

Composite ARF Extra 330, DA100, canisters and 3 blade prop, custom paint, digital servos, Smartfly power expander, and super regulator,  $2250

Piedmont Temptation 2M pattern plane, composite fuse with sheeted foam wings, YS 140 4 stroke, digital servos, on board regulator, wing bag, $1100

Greatplanes Yak 54, 78" wingspan, Saito 36cc gasoline 4 stroke $750

Greatplanes 60 size F4 phantom kit, framed up, retracts, Supertiger G90 2 stroke, $100

Greatplanes Fling DL glider 60" ws, $125

Greatplanes spirit 2m glider, $75

Aeromodell Impulse2 glider, 102" ws, composite fuse, built up wing, brushed electric motor and folding prop, $ 250

JR Venture 39 size heli, os 32 2 stroke, with starter and field box $275

Everything is OBO call me and make an offer. It's time to thin the fleet.  Jon Wise  717-9730

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