[AlaskaRC] You are Unique. Spektrum DX18QQ Special Edition Radio

Steve Colligan steve at campcolligan.com
Thu Nov 15 16:44:31 AKST 2012

Wow, did you see this...?  They have apparently heard of the JR 32X coming
soon and are trying to out pimp JR with custom paint jobs rather than
useful feature like Telepathy module, Force-field Protection System and the

This QQ is just an interim release (AutoManual)  they are stalling the
market until next release of the fully automated DX18DA for Dumb Ass
edition where you can pull the AP button (AutoPlay) and any Dumbass can fly
like QQ. Just download the prerecorded flights of QQ's, scale the flight
plan in Google Maps to your flying area and BAM! your a professional.  The
nice thing about the new DX18DA is the documentation, which is much better
than JR's.  It comes with a 2" thick yellow manual "The Complete Idiots
Guide to Radio Control"

It really is tough getting old, you don't need to build much of a plane
anymore and now you don't need to know how to fly either to look as good as
QQ.  At least they have left some of the old hobby.. You still have to
justify your existence and spending to the wife ans kids!  But HEY!  now
you will be able to show some real flying talent for very little time spent!

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>From pioneering the sport of 3D aerobatics to shaping the future of RC
aircraft design, Quique Somenzini is one-of-a-kind in the world of model
aviation. Recently, he collaborated with the Spektrum development team on
the creation of a distinctive transmitter for discriminating pilots like
himself – the Limited Edition DX18QQ.

*Only 2000 of these precision flight instruments will be available
worldwide, and now is your best opportunity to own one.*




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