[AlaskaRC] Indoor flying this Sunday, December 1st at Lumin Christi

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Oppps.......make that Sunday December 2nd!!!!!!


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There will be indoor flying at Lumen Christi HS gym this
Sunday, December 1  from noon till 4PM.
The gym is located at 8110 Jewel Lake Road.  There will be a $10 landing fee for all
pilots.  Spectators are welcome at no
Here are the rules:
*Pilots must be AMA members (for insurance purposes)  
*Aircraft must be less than 16 ounces and powered with an
indoor appropriate power plant.
* Pilots and spectators must wear non-marking indoor only
shoes if walking on the gym floor
Indoor flying at Lumen Christi is sponsored by the Alaska
Radio Control Society.  The facilitator
is Bob Stephens  (440-0478).
Hope to see you there!  
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