[AlaskaRC] Saturday Glider Fun Fly

Fred Keller fkeller at mtaonline.net
Sat Sep 15 08:20:51 AKDT 2012

I concur with Pat……..it is not a nice day in the valley.



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Wasilla Wx is windy and heavy rain looks like we need to Cancel the flying this time


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On Sep 13, 2012, at 6:16 AM, Doug Franklin <drfranklin at gci.net> wrote:

Sounds like a good time! I love flying at Moffitt. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


Thanks Fred & Pat!




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This Saturday, September 15, plan to attend the Glider Fun Fly which actually will be open to just about anything you want to bring and have fun flying.  There will be no formal contest, and we will have a demonstration of Pat Martin’s beautiful Navy Corsair.  The Fun Fly will be at Moffitt Field off of Scott Road in Palmer courtesy of Pat.  We will have hamburgers and hot dogs available, but please bring a side dish, condiments, beverages, or anything else that you would like.  If you have other items to cook and share, i.e., bratwurst, please bring those, too.


This will be from 10 am until 5 pm.


This is the only date for the Glider Fun Fly.  If the weather is bad, the event will be canceled.  


If you have questions, call me Saturday morning on my cell, 232-9851.


Fred Keller

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