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Christopher Geisler chrisgeisler73 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 17:46:07 AKDT 2013

Hello all,

    My name is Chris.  I was once a member of your flying club but have not
been active for several years.  In fact I am trying to sell all of my model
aircraft inventory.  I have many aircraft that are built and some kits.  I
also have several four stroke engines that are not installed for sale (Saito
FA91, OS FS 120, OS FS 48)  some of the kits I have for sale include a Tiger
II, FA-18 and some that are not finished like a aerobatic aircraft with a
YS-120.  The complete aircraft include 1/5 scale spitfire with a Remington
1.5 engine, tower hobbies 40 size super cub with a OS FS 52 engine.  I have
lots of stuff and am open to offers.  Please feel free to contact me anytime
at 907-570-4245.


Christopher R. Geisler


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