[AlaskaRC] SAM Meet Saturday August 24th

Robert Stephens rfstephens at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 21 19:42:02 AKDT 2013

The Fall SAM contest will be held at Groeschel Field on August 24th from 10AM till 4PM.
The events will be the usual as follows:
Class A, B, C  limited engine run
Class A Texaco
Electric LER
Electric Texaco
AMA event 4.14 Radio control class B (LMR)   
There will also be mass launches of rubber powered Twin Pushers and Cloud Tramps.
There is grill at the site so bring your own food plus something  to share in a potluck.
The weather will be perfect.....(for at least part of the day) so don't let any forecast or naysayers deter you from coming out and having a great time!
CD  Doc Smith  563-6523

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