[AlaskaRC] Flying the DC-7

Marty Hall mjhall at alaskarcs.com
Fri Mar 22 18:06:27 AKDT 2013

There's a lot here so much like the Connie, starting with the engines. I
skinned my knuckles many times wrenching on those big round Turbo-Compound
R-3350's, and in my flying years, they hauled my butt 500,000 miles or
better a year for a number of years. Watching this I hear the noise, feel
the vibration, and almost smell the smells. Nice clip. For a little icing on
the cake, I helped the owner with suggestions how to get the airplane
certificated so I have a very small amount of involvement with the plane,
and vicariously. this flight. 


In other words, this video warmed my cockles, or something like that...


Marty Hall
Fairbanks, Alaska
mjhall at alaskarcs.com

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                        This clip on the DC-7 will have you grinning from
ear to ear!   PUT IT ON FULL SCREEN!








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