[AlaskaRC] Joe Ostrom update

Steven Lingle barisax at olypen.com
Thu May 9 06:03:09 AKDT 2013

I saw Joe yesterday and he is very weak and disoriented.  Joe is not eating and has lost over 30 pounds already.    Joe has some sort of                                       very fast growing cancer and the latest predicition is, if he takes the chemo treatment he will probably have 16 months, if not probably 4 months.  

Joe has been a very good friend for well over 20 years now and it is very difficult to see him in this condition.  Monica is also having  a difficult
time as you would expect but she does not let on in front of Joe.  However when not in his presence she will break down from time to time.

Please everyone say a prayer for Joe and Monica, they are two of the  best people you will ever find.


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