[AlaskaRC] May 11, 2013: Groeschel Field Still Closed

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Armand,    Maybe we should place a board (2X4) across the entrance so no one can drive in and ruin our pits and runway like they did once before.   

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May 11, 2013:  Groeschel Field Still Closed
Most of the snow is gone but the ground is still way too muddy for driving into the field!  It is even too muddy to WALK into the field!
I will check it again first thing next Saturday morning and let everyone know if it has dried out enough to officially open the field for use.
In the meantime, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE INTO THE FIELD!  Last year we incurred some serious damage from someone trying to use the field too early and not waiting for it to sufficiently dry out.  I will post a notice as soon as the field is declared officially open for use.
I’ve posted updated pictures on http://www.alaskarc.org/ and also on the Alaska Radio Control Society Facebook page.
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