[AlaskaRC] Base Pass - Requirements Changed (again)

Mark Ritz maritz at gci.net
Mon May 13 10:11:43 AKDT 2013

Hi Armand,


I have not gotten back to the base, so.


Mark A Ritz



08-21-1949  (that's in the first half of the last century!)


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If you already have your base pass, ignore this message for now.


The base sent me a new format for submitting names for base access.

Looks like they have dropped the requirement for last four of the social
security number.

BUT, they have added the 'date of birth' requirement.


Any of you that renew your membership AND want base access, you will now
need to provide me with the following:

.         Last Name

.         First Name

.         Middle Initial

.         Drivers License Number (or state ID)

.         State of issue for the drivers license or state ID

.         Date of Birth


By the way, if you haven't renewed your membership for 2013, please do.  You
can do that online via PayPal through the club website.  Just go to
www.AlaskaRC.org and click on the link for 'Joining or Renewing' (on the
left of the page).  There is also a membership application you can download.
If you pay online, you can send me all your membership information via an
email to treasurer at alaskarc.org.  You can always pay by check too, just mail
it to the address below.  Remember to include the appropriate information if
you want me to submit your name to the base.



Armand Marshall - Treasurer

Treasurer at AlaskaRC.org

Alaska Radio Control Society

PO Box 232162

Anchorage, AK 99523-2162


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