[AlaskaRC] June 9 - ARCS Memorial BBQ at JBER - Are you going?

Mister Ed mr.ed at alaska.com
Mon May 20 11:23:17 AKDT 2013



	We will hold this annual event (formerly known as 'Hal Horton') at
JBER this year, on June 9th.

	ARE YOU GOING? I would like to have a head count for purchasing
food. Email directly to me ( mr.ed at alaska.com [1] ) DO NOT REPLY TO

	It will be a fun-fly type event. Bring whatever you are comfortable
flying within the 300ft elevation restriction at the JBER field.  It
is not a competition.

	The club will be purchasing burgers and dogs plus drinks for the
barbeque that day. Feel free to bring an additional 'side dish' or
that big juicy steak to grill if you like.

	This is open to all ARCS club members and their guests, must have a
current AMA card to fly. 

	ARCS members are able to gain base access through your club
membership. You can contact Armand Marshall ( armand at nmitsolutions.com
[2] ) to verify your name is on the list

	Guests of ARCS members must have their information added to an event
list so that they may proceed directly to the Boniface gate for entry.


	Please send me your guest's information to me directly, DO NOT REPLY
TO THIS Email. ( mr.ed at alaska.com [3] )

	Guest Full Name: Last, First, Middle

	Driver's License number and state of issue.

	Birth date


	Guest under the age 16 do not need to do this. 

	I need this information by the end of this week in order to submit to
the base 5 duty days prior to the event. 

	If your guest does not get on the list in time they can still get a
pass at the Boniface visitor's center if they have an authorized
sponsor with them. 

 Mr. Ed

[1] mailto:mr.ed at alaska.com
[2] mailto:armand at nmitsolutions.com
[3] mailto:mr.ed at alaska.com

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