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Thu May 30 08:49:55 AKDT 2013

RIP Joe. I have tons of fond memories of Joe from Moffit field, to the TOC 
in Vegas. And thankfully, a bunch of photos from both. I have and always 
will remember Joe, Steve Lingle, Reeves, George Morgan (and Gallagher), Mike 
(Mr. Tomato) Mosesian, along with all my buddies from the ARCS.

Steve Mclaughlin

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It is with great sadness I am writing to let you folks know that Joe Ostrom 
passed away this morning between 4 and 9 am.  Monica got up to check
on him at 4 am and he was breathing very shallow but was resting well.  She 
went back to sleep and woke at 9 am to discover Joe had passed
and was already very cold.

Joe learned to fly as a member of ARCS and became the president a few years 
later.  He was a very good builder and loved the sport and ARCS.

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