[AlaskaRC] B-36 Flight Deck, 360 View

Marty Hall mjhall at alaskarcs.com
Thu May 30 18:33:54 AKDT 2013

I'm ready for my check ride... I figure out most everything except how do
you feather those prop's? Did the Thirty-Six have Curtiss-Electric prop's?
If so, maybe I know how you feather them... the guarded switches in front of
the Prop RPM switches.


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Click on the link below and move your mouse around for a panoramic shot of
the cockpit.  Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.  Yes, there are lots
of "clocks" to watch!! 



Inline image 1

This is a 360 panorama of the flight engineers station on a B-36: Six
reciprocating R-4360s and four J-47 jets to keep an eye on, plus fuel,
pressurization, hydraulics, electrical, and other systems.  LOTSA clocks!

  NM USAF - B-36J Engineer




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