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Thanks Steve.........that was very good information.

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> Dear RC Flying Friends:
> There seems to be growing drama and confusion of the existing rules and FAA regulations related to remote controlled aircraft.  This is in part of people not realizing what the actual rules are, further complicated by the fact that FAA is in the middle of a major remodeling project in their house, while still living in it with the public.
> Attached to this email are AMA documents describing actual FAA law on the books 540-c specifying 3 miles from the airport and notification of the tower or operator if you are going to be above 400 feet.  Document 550 "First Person View" and 560 "utilizing failsafe, stabilization and autopilot systems" that were updated 1/01/2014 and 540-D "general see and avoid guidance".
> All of these outline what has traditionally been understood as good common sense modeling and safety and actively looking out for full-size aircraft in the airspace. We are continuing to operate under these self regulating guidelines until such time there are formal rule changes from either FAA or AMA.
> AMA is actively working with the FAA to clarify and push back on some of their pending UAS rules so that they don't impact our hobby of model aviation.  AMA is also aggressively focused on developing and expanding its scope to provide standards and best practices for UAS systems within the airspace as the FAA struggles to keep up with the technology.  More specifically the FAA has released the "UAS roadmap" outlining the limited use and time frames for use of UAS in the airspace over the next 5 years.  2 weeks ago they released a "notice of interpretation with request for comment" model_aircraft_spec_rule.pdf, which tries to open the door for the existing model aircraft exemption for reinterpretation.  Needless to say AMA and the greater community is and should be alarmed over this activity.
> Manufacturers are stepping up to the plate and proactively educating there customers of the rules to avoid future regulations.  This is most apparent with DJI and the Phantom Vision platform that has a warning system build into the firmware. It alerts you that you are within the radius of a controlled airspace or airport.  This is a warning from DJI, not the FAA or NSA.  DJI has been working to make it a little smoother and be able to clear the warning from the screen once acknowledged.  There are 10,500 Phantoms a month being sold into the US, that's a lot of new pilots not familiar with safe operations for themselves or others.  The future of our hobby depends on us and the AMA doing our best to educate and mentor these new fliers.  AMA has done this same thing with self regulation and best practices for almost 80 years, without huge bureaucracy and government regulations.
> In the meantime, please continue to follow the existing rules, continue to be safe and encourage others to do the same.  All documents are available on AMA website at http://www.modelaircraft.org
> Sincerely,
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