[AlaskaRC] Spektrum Receivers for sale. New in package

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Thu Jun 26 15:30:59 AKDT 2014

Andrew, are they both full range receivers?   Mike
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 Subject: [AlaskaRC] Spektrum Receivers for sale. New in package
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 Date: Thursday, June 26, 2014, 3:26 PM
 Just wanted to float this around the
 mailing list to see if anyone needs any Spektrum receivers.
 I have two for sale.
 Spektrum ar400 4-channel receiver. NIB with bind plug. $30
 Spektrum ar6255 6-channel carbon fuselage receiver. $40
 Text me at 928-380-5059 or email me at adzehm at yahoo.com if
 I also have a hangar 9 twist 40 with jr servos that is
 partially built. Have an OS 46 ax that was going in it. If
 interested give me an offer.
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