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Thanks for the report, Bounty Hunter
On May 9, 2014, at 6:21 PM, Armand Marshall <armand at nmitsolutions.com> wrote:

> MrTomato (Mike Mosesian) spoke with Wayne (the hay farmer) and was told:
> ·         We can ‘probably’ start using the (Groeschel) RC field this Saturday.
> ·         He said to “STAY” on the path!  Do not drive out into the hay field.  Someone has already driven out to the RC field via the hay as opposed to the path and has caused some serious ruts that Wayne now has to rotor-till and fix.  You can veer to the side of the path to avoid soft spots but do not drive out into the hay field.
> ·         The run benches were dropped off a few weeks ago and need to get hauled out to our part of the field.  Wayne said to “hand carry” the benches back to the path to load them up.  Do not drive over and attempt to pick them up (again it will cause more ruts and damage).
> ·         Probably not a good idea to attempt to take gigantic motorhomes out there just yet (maybe give that one more week)…
> I will go out tomorrow (Saturday) and “activate” the porta-can and open it for the season.  I will send an updated field report after my trip out there.
> Thanks for the field report MrTomato!
> PS – I am putting a ‘bounty’ out on the person that kept putting trash in the porta-can last summer.  Grow up and haul your trash out with you when you leave for the day, please.  If anybody discovers who is doing this, please let me know and I will take appropriate steps to remove the ‘problem’.
> Thank you.
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