[AlaskaRC] Groeschel Grill & Field Report

Armand Marshall Armand at nmitsolutions.com
Sat May 17 18:19:50 AKDT 2014

Hello All.

I replaced the gas grill at Groeschel this morning.  There is now a 4-burner gas grill out there and I discarded the old one.  This one is much larger and supposedly a 'commercial' grill.  Should serve us well for the next few years if we take care of it.  It has a grill cover that I put on it when I was finished using it today.  I also tied a rope around the grill cover because from past experience I know that it will blow off.  If you use it, please try to leave it clean and cover it with the cover and the additional rope security.

This grill is big enough for all of our larger gatherings.  No need for the 'cooks' to have to bring additional grills to events.

The cost of the grill was a little less than $300 (with the 'free' grill cover and a 3-year warranty).
I donated the previous grill and am also donating this new grill.  I will ask that any of you that would like to help out with this donation come to the next club meeting and we will pass the hat to partially reimburse me.  I do not want this to come out of the club funds.  Please enjoy it and our field.

On a side note, any time you want to help the club with donations, feel free to send a payment via PayPal to Treasurer at AlaskaRC.org<mailto:Treasurer at AlaskaRC.org>.  That will go directly to our bank account.  (Or to the PO Box...  or slip some cash to one of the officers)

PS - I plan to start the trimming and mowing memorial day weekend.  Currently the field is still pretty neat and trim from last fall.  If you have planes with really small wheels you might want to bring a push mower (or your home lawnmower) to trim yourself a runway within a runway.  But today we had everything from hand launched foamies to 120cc gas planes and all worked out just fine.  The road into the field is dry and we are open for camping, flying, etc...

Armand Marshall - Treasurer
Treasurer at AlaskaRC.org
Alaska Radio Control Society
PO Box 232162
Anchorage, AK 99523-2162

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