[AlaskaRC] Help needed. I'm looking for Flight Simulator and RC System.

Martin mnazimek at op.onet.pl
Fri Sep 26 22:05:55 AKDT 2014

Dear Modelers.

I'm a modeler from Poland and need help.

I'm looking for a RC Real Flight Simulator for my son, especially version
5.0 or bigger (for airplanes, gliders and helicopters).

I am looking too for Radio Control System like: Futaba, JR, Robbe or other 
similar RC System with min. 6 channels and more (but will
be like every others too), new or used in any condition. Best will be in 
working condition (eventualy for repair) with receiver and few servos, with
frequncy.2,4GHz, 35 MHz or 40MHz (ew. 72 MHz).
Maybe anyone have radio that are no longer needed and will want help me. 
I'll be like too servos, battery, electric motors, modelar magazines
in Italian, English, German, French, etc.

If anyone has one that are no longer needed and would like help me please 
let me know and write to me off-list directly at e-mail: mnazimek at op.onet.pl

Please write asap best in English.


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