[AlaskaRC] ARCS Air Hogs Titan fun fly contest

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Wed Jun 24 16:17:58 AKDT 2015

In the rules it states only area additions to movable control surfarces.
What about subtractions, ie removing some of the wings or tail sections?
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> The ARCS Air Hog Titan fun fly contest is fast approaching on the 18th of
> July - about 3 weeks away.
> We are sending this email out through both the ARCS email service and to
> the Frontier Fun Flyers since both clubs have been invited to participate.
> We don't know if there will be 2 participants or 20 - and would like to
> get a little idea how many may be planning on participating so we can plan
> accordingly.
> If you are planning on participating, please let us know through email
> (either through the ARCS email or directly to miner at email.com).  We are
> not asking for an absolute commitment - we know "life happens" - just
> wanting an idea of how many may be interested.
> Documentation is available on the ARCS web site - the first one I built
> only took about 2 hours, so there is still time even if you have not
> started yet!
> Thanks,
> Gary & Teri
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