[AlaskaRC] Air Hogs Titan - Build Instructions

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Tue Mar 10 09:26:51 AKDT 2015

My vote would be to only use the Air Hogs Titans.

I also picked up one of the Guillows foam gliders earlier in the year 
when I was not sure the Air Hogs were going to be available 
locally.  The Guillows version is about 2/3 the weight of the Air 
Hogs Titan, and feels quite a bit flimsier (the aft fuselage 
especially flexes quite easily).

My idea for this contest was to put together something where 
everybody (whether a beginner or expert) could put together a simple 
& inexpensive airplane and compete in some fun events with the 
playing field being as even as possible.

Here are my suggestions for allowable modifications to the Air Hogs 
Titans (open for discussion):

1. The only surface area additions are for movable control surfaces 
(I found rudder and elevator are more than enough for control, but 
would not disallow ailerons, flaps, spoilers, leading edge slats, 
etc. - so long as they are movable by the pilot in flight).

2. The same powerplant/thrust system must be used for all contest 
events whether it be electric motor, glow engine, ducted fan, warp 
drive, etc.  The only allowable changes between events would be 
amount of energy the pilot chooses to have onboard (capacity of 
battery, amount of glow fuel, quantity of dilithium crystals, etc.).

3. Creative color schemes are highly encouraged.

4. The AMA Safety Code needs to be followed.

Let me know what you think,


At 3/9/2015 10:40 AM, Jeff Anderson wrote:
>I have a question about this.  I picked up the Guillow's version of 
>the Air Hog, and wonder if it is eligible to compete.  It has a 53" 
>wingspan, and looks very similar.  Thanks!
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> > On Mar 9, 2015, at 8:55 AM, Gary & Teri via AlaskaRC 
> <alaskarc at lists.alaskarc.org> wrote:
> >
> > Armand was kind enough to upload a PDF document onto the club web 
> site that shows some pictures and gives a little info on my quick 
> and dirty conversion of an Air Hogs Titan 4' foam glider into an 
> electric RC plane.
> >
> > More "elegant" conversions can be done and have been done (such 
> as Fred's and Lee's), so feel free to use your imaginations.
> >
> > The link to the document is currently at the top of the ARCS home 
> page, or here is the direct link:
> >
> > www.alaskarc.org/images/stories/uploaded_documents/AirHogsTitan.pdf
> >
> > The ARCS Air Hogs Titan Fun Fly Contest is on the club's events 
> calendar for 18 July 2015.  Detailed info on the contest details 
> will be coming.
> >
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